CourageCollages workshops are offered at a variety of locations in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan areas that are open to all cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers. We add public workshops based on need and strive to be responsive to requests by offering customized workshop for various health and wellness groups, health-focused non-profits, and faith-based or other cancer support groups, at a mutually convenient time and location. Please call our office at 301/986-1551 for the latest information.

Workshops Utilizing Creative Expression
For Healing, Recovery, and Hope


All of our workshops are informal, supportive and friendly usually including between 6 – 12 individuals. Our goal is to create an environment where you feel welcome, relaxed and completely supported as you create your unique and personal collage.

Workshops may be open to patients and survivors of all types of cancer, or they may be cancer specific. All workshops are open to both genders unless there is an exception noted in the registration process. We do offer customized workshops to current, stand alone, support groups; or for a specific type of cancer patient or survivor.

We also offer workshops for families to create a collage together when one of the parents is a cancer patient or survivor. Finally, we have specialty workshops for children who are dealing with cancer where their parents and siblings may also attend.

More information on what happens during our workshop can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this webpage.

Upcoming workshops are listed above on this website or you may contact us to develop a workshop customized to your group or to find out about additional dates and locations.

Our Flagship Workshop:
A 20x30 CourageCollage
(4 hours)

Enjoy a half-day filled with self-discovery as you explore your life, hopes, dreams, and future self in this therapeutic workshop. Engage in a creative process to facilitate emotional healing on the journey to your “new normal.” Using the medium of collage, you will cut and paste together meaningful images to create a visual representation of who you are and what you wish to manifest in your life. Our collage process is a highly revealing form of artistic expression that anyone can do without prior training. All supplies are provided although participants are welcome to bring photographs or other memorabilia to add to their collage.

CourageCollages Journal Workshops
(2 hours)

In a journaling rut? Collage-journaling is an excellent way to access and express feelings and memories as well as to visualize goals and dreams for your future as you chart your course to your “new normal.” In our Journal Workshop you will learn how to combine visual images, drawings, and other mediums along with writing to gain new insights into yourself. Using personal photographs, magazines, and other embellishments, you will assemble images and words in a new way on the pages of your journal – a metaphor for defining your “new normal”. All supplies will be provided as well as a list of prompts and suggested journaling exercises to help you keep up with your collage-journal after the workshop.

Memory Jar Workshops
(2 -2.5 hours)

Celebrate your life by creating a Memory Jar to collect, share, and preserve special memories. During this workshop you will decorate your Memory Jar with embellishments such as quotes, stickers, ribbons, buttons & pictures. On the slips of decorative paper inside the jar, simply jot down your own special memories or collect them from family and friends. Read the memories when you are feeling low or give the memory jar to someone you love as a special gift. Any memory that you think is important deserves a place in the jar -- don’t hesitate to include it if it comes to your mind! Focusing on positive experiences and developing gratitude for everyday moments is tremendously healing.

Worry Box Workshops
(2 – 2.5 hours)

What do you worry about? We all have worries and sometimes they can rob us of the joys of everyday life. Instead of letting them “move in” and sap your happiness and productivity, show them who is in charge! In this workshop you will decorate your Worry Box with paints, pictures, ribbons, inspirational quotes, and other embellishments and learn how to use it to take control of your worries and stay focused. Write or draw your worries, fears, and doubts on paper and tuck them safely away in your Worry Box. This symbolic gesture can be extremely cathartic and healing. This is a particularly helpful workshop for children! All supplies are provided.

Card-Making Workshops (1.5 hours)

Make “thank you” cards for friends who have helped you on your journey or create a set of cards to give away as a special gift. Come and make six hand-made, creative cards with a professional look. We provide the inspiration and all the supplies to design personalized cards to give to the people that are most important to you. It’s fun, easy, therapeutic, and highly addictive!

Custom-Designed Workshops and Retreats

Let us design a creative workshop activity or retreat to meet your specifications. Any of the above activities can be easily adapted to other formats. Contact CourageCollages at 301-986-1551 or email us at [email protected].